Kloodle translates your students’ educational experiences into the skills employers look for.

It’s the easier, more engaging way to record work experience, employability skill development, enrichment and academic achievement.

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  • Evidence crucial employability skills through a safe and secure on-line environment
  • Students will have an employability profile recording their skills
  • Work experience will be recorded
  • Badges provide a scoffold for learning employability skills success
  • Engage with employers

63,244 students are currently building Kloodle profiles to record their employability skills

Students are demonstrating their employability skills more effectively...

"Kloodle is a fantastic platform for our students to develop all aspects of their employability. "

Rebecca Bates, Learning Manager, City of Liverpool College

Staff are embedding employability into the curriculum ...

"Kloodle has been instrumental in enabling the College to embed our employability and progression strategy."

Laura Wakefield, Employability Co-ordinator, Farnborough Sixth Form

Management are meeting OFSTED criteria...

"Kloodle enables us to reinforce the importance of employability skills and meet OFSTED criteria."

Alison Hallsworth, Vice Principal Holy Cross College

Kloodle has worked closely with our schools and colleges to build THE product of choice for recording and developing student employability skills. Our 5 Step Embed programme provides a framework for delivering employability sessions and

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